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A Rundown with the Basics: iPad Care

As we advance to more complex stuff, we tend to forget the basics. Considering, the basics are vital; as cheesy as it sounds, we should keep them in our minds and in our hearts. And this applies to all facets of life may it be in writing a business letter, cooking stuffed turkey, doing your spring-cleaning, riding a bicycle, and even caring for your iPad. Since we just have brought up the thought of caring for your iPad, let me ask you this, "Are you still familiar with the basics in keeping it in good condition?" If not, then let us revisit what you need to do in order to make it last longer. Read on.

1. Connect cautiously. Your iPad has two distinct ports allowing you to connect accessories to it like headphones, chargers, and USB data cables. You may not be aware, but those ports are connected to the inner circuitry via a relatively weak solder. Forcing a plug into the inlet the wrong way or twisting it while connected might completely break the continuity of the solder, rendering your iPad disabled.

2. Avoid water. Too bad that iPads aren't yet waterproof. So, never place your device on a wet surface. Moisture might find its way inside the internal structures and fry every nook and cranny of it. Furthermore, make sure to turn it off when cleaning it. Also, don’t forget to pull out all the tablet accessories connected to prevent a possible short-circuit.

3. Keep it cool. And here is where most people fail. Some can't just control their usage; they keep on tapping on their touchscreen device while it's connected to the wall outlet or elsewhere for charging. The mere fact that you are replenishing its battery life causes it to heat up. Simultaneously using it while charging even creates more heat. If you can't keep your hands off it, make sure not to place it on an insulating surface such as the sheets, a pillow, or your lap. Lay it on a desk instead or a solid surface so as not to impede its cooling.

4. Handle it with care. We surely cannot foresee what will happen with our iPad, so the best way is to prevent any untoward occurrence that our device might be subjected into. I guess I said too much when all I want to say is, "Get a case." There are various types of cases on the market made of different types of materials. I suggest that you get your precious iPad a tablet case. It provides an all-around protection to your gadget. And if you want, you can get a tablet folio that also serves as a stand for you to conveniently position your iPad however you prefer.

You may rant all you want and turn sarcastic, thinking, "Duh! These are pretty obvious." This is what I have to say: never overestimate your memory; some people might have forgotten the basics in iPad care. Anyway, these words are just but friendly reminders so you'll get to enjoy your precious device a lot longer with proper care. Remember, it pays to get back to the basics.